Friday – 2 days till Christmas

Wednesday started off with a bang and just kept going…temp and weather were great.  I was able to fix a couple of the figures, but still have a couple more that need work.

Thursday night started off steady but a little slower than I anticipated.  Didn’t really get started until after 7:00 and then it went big for the next 2 hours.  I needed all 3 of my traffic men to work the crowd.  I was afraid of the forecast of rain, but it turned out to be a 10 minutes sprinkle…but thats probably what caused the delay in the start.

I expect tonight to be one of my biggest, especially since it is Santa’s last night…of course.  Only have 1 or 2 men helping me with traffic , so I’ll be doing a lot of running to keep it moving.  Its also been busy at the flower shop so I did not have any time to work on fixing figures and will barely get back in time to get everything set up for tonight.



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