Christmas Eve

For those of you who missed last night…you were one of the few!  Last night goes down as one of the 2 biggest ever!  When the lights went on at 5:00 there were 15 cars awaiting.  It didn’t stop until 10:05…cars all the way down to Hillsboro Rd (about 3/4 of a mile) for 4 hours straight.  That is way too many as it took (according to a couple of limo drivers) an average of 20 minutes to gain the top…so at least we kept them moving.    I estimate there were about 6,000 folks who visited the lights last night (counting cars, limos and busses).

It was Santa’s last night and they really came out to see him.  There was only two moments when he didn’t have someone sitting on his lap (and they were mostly children). He gave out almost 600 candy canes.  A very nice send off for the year.

My apologies have to go out to our Sunnyside neighbors for the long lines getting into the subdivision.

Tonight is historically a busy night too (although hopefully not as busy as last night).  There should be considerably fewer limos and busses, as most did not except bookings for tonight and Christmas Day.  The weather will be perfect…40’s and clear.

I got on the scale this morning (first time in a month) and found that I had lost 15 pounds…thats what street walking will do for you!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL from all of us at Sunnyside.


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    Fred REgan Says:

    I just wish more people would give you more donations. Please think about serving food. Always love the holiday munchies. Could you get more residents involved? Would be nice to see every house lit. Also live Christmas music would draw more people. GO VOLS! I’m ready for next X-mas. GO VOLS!!!

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