Monday – 7 nights left

Expected Saturday, Christmas Eve, to be big and it came close to tying Friday night!  The waits on Friday night were up to 40 minutes according to a few friends I talked to.  But the waits on Saturday night were in the 20 minute range.  The big difference…Santa was no longer around and that resulted in less walking traffic (parking).  The line moved at a fairly good pace…I was actually surprised at how many cars didn’t slow down to a crawl as they passed the lights (after waiting 20 minutes to get there). 

Even tho there were relatively few walkers (no more than 50 on the driveway at any given time), donations for the Shrine Hospitals set a new record.  It seemed that every third card had money hanging out the window for me to collect…such a deal!  I think I gave out around 600 candy canes to passing cars.

Sunday night was busy, but with no more than 15-20 cars in view at any given time.  Weather was great and lots of them got out and walked.  Parking was easy since I could open one of the areas were the limos and busses parked and there were not that many cars.  Limos and busses were way, way down (about 10 limos on Saturday and 5 on Sunday).  The rest of the week should make for easy parking and walking…at least I hope so because it is my turn to visit other light displays.

The lights will be on thru next Sunday night.


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