Tuesday – 2 days into take-down

I was out of town Fri – Sun so missed a few posts (but my neighbor was there to collect the donations).

Thursday night was as expected, slow but steady.  Friday night was active, but no big deal.  New Year’s Eve was extremely slow (it was busier last year).

I got back on Sunday afternoon and found my neighbor had already taken down all his figures and stacked them for me.  Make a quick decision to turn off the other neighbors and just have mine on for Sunday evening…the last night.  Glad I left mine on since I had a constant stream of visitors…never less than 2 cars, nor more than 5 at one time.  Had a few walkers and the donation box picked up a little more for the Shrine Hospitals.

Ended up the year  within a $100 of the $7,000 dollars given to the Shrine Hospitals.  Best year ever and it brings the 6 year total to $30,000.00.  THANKS MIDDLE TENNESSEE!!!

Started take-down yesterday (temp in the low 20’s with wind chill)  and was able to clear all the figures from the neighbor’s yards.  Even got Santa’s shack and the MC arch removed from my yard.  Will start working on my yard, bottom to top, today (temp in the low 30’s with wind chill).  Goal is to remove the figures from the bottom third (along with the electrical) and get rid of the arches going up the driveway.  I’ll also try to remove all the stakes left in the neighbor’s yards.

I’ll save removing light strings till tomorrow when its warmer.  They become a little more fragile when its really cold (forecast is the balmy 40’s).  The weather forecast for the next 5 days looks pretty good and I should have alot accomplished by this weekend.

Spend the evenings wrapping up the electrical cords (rubber banding them).  With 6 bins of short cords, it takes a while (and alot of rubber bands).  The heavier 25′, 50′ & 100′ cords I wrap up as I go…and its not easy when its cold (but fortunately, I only have a little over 100 of them).

I’ll wait until the end of the week to make my next progress report.


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