Starting the 2012 Blog – 49 Days till Lights On!

Welcome back to my blog for the Sunnyside Lights!   For those of you who are new to my blog,  it is my goal to let you know how the process works in putting out so many figures and lights.  To do this I blog on a regular basis (daily when I get into November) letting you know what I have accomplished and how my time-line is running.

I started the prep work in September, which involves going thru every figure.  I check the lights, replacing those strings that have more than 10% out and retape the individual lights that need it (every single light is taped on with strapping tape).  Generally speaking the light strings are good for anywhere between 8 and 10 years (some just seem to never fail) and the taping last 4 to 5 years.  With about 70,000 lights invested in the 350+ figures that would suggest replacing about 8,000 lights per year and retaping about 15,000 lights per year.  Obviously, that take alot of time.  In tape alone, that is about 28 rolls of 1/2′ strapping tape.

I started working on the figures the second week in September and have now gone thru about 80% of them.  Its a banner year, I’ve only replaced about 1500 lights so far and gone thru 15 rolls of tape.  Time wise, the average is about 15 minutes per figure (varies from 1 minute…with no problems to an hour with many problems or very big…like a builiding).

Once I finish the figures, I will move on to getting the infrastructure ready (like Santa’s house and the arches).  And there is always a few new items that I have to fabricate.

Since Thanksgiving comes early this year (the 22nd), I will begin decorating the 1st of Nov, instead of the beginning of the second week.  That means removing the leaves will be much more difficult.  A big plus is that I will finally have help decorating this year!  My little brother finally retired and plans on showing up the second week in November to help.  I’m kind of picky on how things go up and wires are attached (29 years of experience at it), so it will be interesting.  But I am looking forward to his help…I’m not getting any younger!

Until I actually start putting things up I will blog weekly.

Its going to be another great year!



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