Wednesday – 36 days till light-off

I’m happy to report that all of the figures have now been checked!  Only needed 21 rolls of strapping tape (45,360 inches or 15,000+ lights needing retaping).   Replaced about 2,500 lights out of the approximately 70,000 lights on the figures…which is way below the average.  Had one string that was at least 15 years old that finally needed replacing! 

I’ve been working on Santa’s house and it now has new heavy duty wheels…Santa isn’t getting any lighter (especially whey he gets 6 or 7 visitors in there with him for pictures).   Also worked on the wood trim and repainted it inside and out.

I’m excited to report that the leaves seem to be falling earlier, which bodes well for starting set-up on November 1st (instead of the second week in November).  Even the black walnuts have almost all fallen…I’ve hauled away 123 buckets of them so far.  They are a hazard to putting out the displays as you can easily twist your ankle of you step on one.  And the frequent rain has really softened up the ground…with about 400 stakes to pound into the ground, thats pretty important!

My small halloween display of about 1,400 lights and 4 figures is up.  The Christmas display is 100 times that amount…kind of puts things into perspective.




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    Caitlin Reeves Says:

    ” OH YEAH!” I can’t wait to see your lights again! They make my heart Glow!

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