Saturday – 19 days till light-off

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

All the perimiter fencing is up and so are the 2 drives (including the arches).  Santa’s house is at the bottom of the hill and the helocopter is in the air.  Next step is putting up all the lights on the fences and the arches.  Starting to go thru last years lights before hanging and finding about a 15% failure rate…about normal.  The biggest problem is with the chaser lights…which just don’t seem to available anymore.   It figures that the most expensive lights last the shortest period of time…about 3-4 years.   I have enought replacements to get thru this year but there will have to be some changes next year.

The weather has really been cooperating and I appear to be on schedule (maybe even a couple of days ahead).  Thats good, since I there are a few days when I have other obligations (Veteran’s Day activities, spread over several days).  Once all the fences and arches are lighted, I will start on the various non-figure scenes.  The figures and wiring go up the week before Thanksgiving and the other houses the weekend before Thanksgiving…that will give me about 3 days to fix problems and do the various add-ons.

I expect my brother to show up the week before, so he will be able to help me with the figures and the neighbors yards.


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