Friday – 13 Days till Light-off

Been busy…about 1/2 the lights are now strung.  Have both houses to finish and than it is time to put out the figures on the 2 main lawns.  The other six houses are primarily figures, so they only take about 2 1/2 days to put out.  I save them for the last (keeping the neighbors happy).

Last year seems to have been a bad year for the eve lights (I use over 600 feet of them or about 7,000 lights).  I’ve thrown away about 25% of them and had to work on another 50% of them to get them going.  Fortunately I have plenty of extras.

I’ve the feeling I am running behind.  Although I have 13 days to go, I will be loosing 4 of them to Veterans Day (parade and program I’m putting on), rain on Monday, and shop responsibilities the 2 days before Thanksgiving (Bellevue Florist).  Figure in at least 1 more and I’m down to 8 days…better get cracking!


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