Friday – 6 days till light-off

Thanksgiving is almost here and it seems like I am working non-stop (not really, but close).

Both main houses are essentially done and wired to go…never really done, but awfully close.  A few lights decided not to work after I put them up, which I will fix.  Now its time to work on the other 6 houses, which starts today.  I’ve 3 nice days to work on them and that should be enough.  My brother arrived Wednesday night and he was a big help yesterday.  Today we will be pounding stakes and putting up figures at the six houses, tomorrow the electric.

That light tester I mentioned works pretty good.  It essentially does the same as my $150 tester without having to plug it in…and it costs less than $20 at Lowes.  It excells at fixing shunt failures, but is not quite as effective at finding failed bulbs.  But since shunt failures are the most common problem, thats OK with me.  So what are shunt failures?  Every bulb has a shunt in it which is suppose to melt if the light fails, thereby keeping all the other lights working…sometimes it doesn’t work and the string of 50 or 100 doesn’t work.  The fixit tool send a surge thru the system and melts the shunt thereby allowing the lights to work.

Back to work.


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