Friday – 25 days till Christmas

Finally, warmer weather!  With the temps in the 60’s during the day for the next 4 days, traffic should be good.  I expect Saturday and Sunday night to be especially busy.   These last 4 days have been on the cool side and walkers have been scarce.  There have been a fairly constant flow of traffic, but they just were not getting out.

Yestereday was pretty nice and I was able to get out and fix some lights.  Even added 3 figures and about another 800 lights.

By looking at my total power usage over the 8 1/2 houses I can calculate that about 134,000 lights are burning.  When you figure in power loss due to the lenght of extension cords and than offset that with the number of bulbs that are out (which I estimate at 3%), I have well over 135,000 lights strung.

I can no longer claim to do it all myself!  My brother showed up and was a great help the final week of decorating.  I even got my grandson, BJ, to help me out on the Saturday before Thanksgiving  (he is finally big enough)!

Yesterday I noticed a Gray Line bus with a few folks in  it.  It was the tour for their drivers so they would know where to go on the Christmas tours.  Have seen a number of the limo folks out too.  Havn’t heard anything on the Franklin Trolleys yet.

Looking forward to a great year!


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