Sunday – 23 days till Christmas

Last night was much bigger than I anticipated…at least as far as limos and busses were concerned.  We had 9 limos and 3 busses come by in addition to over 250 cars.  And there were alot of walkers!

Had a great time chatting with folks and added Texas, Michigan, Ohio and Alabama to the list…als0 got my first foreign country – Brazil.  Judging by the number who plan to come back for Santa, he will be very busy.  His dates are Friday, Dec 14th thru Sunday, Dec 23rd.

As always came across a few lights out and I worked on those this morning…even added one more figure to the mix.  One problem will have to wait for this afternoon as it involved a building and that will take awhile to fix (I have to take down the building and replace 200 lights and thats alot of taping).

Had a young man (preteen) talk with me about the finer arts of putting out lots of lights…reminded me of myself when I first started out.   Hopefully I helped him out.

The temperature is great (70’s today) and I expect a big turnout tonight.


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