Monday – 22 days till Christmas

As expected, last night was busy with lots of walkers (the temp was in the 60’s).  At least up to 8:15, than it slowed considerably with only 2 or 3 cars at a time.  Had only one limo, but Gray Line showed up with 2 busses for the night (they have busses booked every night thru Christmas).  Noticed an ad for the Franklin Trolleys (called Holly Trolleys) for trips starting this coming Friday and it had pictures of my lights for their ad.  Nice to know they will be back (just hope its not 3 showing up at the same time like last year).

The list of states is growing…so far:  IO, NM, CA, ND, TX, MI, OH, AL, WI, VA, LA, IL, OH, NY & NJ (15) plus 2 countries…Brazil & Bosnia.  And that only the ones I talk too…of course, I talk alot.

Weather looks pretty good this week temp wise, but there are a few rain clouds coming on Tuesday and (GASP) the weekend.  Next Friday should really kick it off.

Added one figure and fixed all the lights not working.  But last night I did notice a couple of more areas that needed work…hopefully today.

My daughter just informed me I have a Facebook page for Sunnyside Christmas Lights (its been around since 2010…boy am I web savy).  Lots of pictures and comments.


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    Sam Dostaler Says:

    Was the lights tonight. They are amazing and I didn’t get a chance to talk to you but you can add Connecticut to the list of states to see your lights this year. Was there with my aunt, uncle and cousin. They told me I had to stop by before heading home tomorrow. Well worth it and well done

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