Monday – 15 days till Christmas

A pretty good weekend!

Friday and Saturday were big nights with warm temps, lots of traffic and lots of walkers.  The busses and trolleys are looking good, but limo traffic is still down a bit.  Couldn’t ask for better weather…it was short sleeves for all 3 nights.  Sunday night was a big and pleasant surprise.  Forecast had been for rain…but it didn’t arrive until 10:30,so no impact.  It was in the 60’s all evening and traffic was excellent up until about 9:00 when 4 busses/trolleys arrived…than it went to 2 cars at a time.   I had a couple of Masonic brothers directing traffic each night, so it flowed really well.

Added a couple of figures over the weekend and laid down 50 bags of bark chips in the parking areas.  Fixed a few light strings, but overall the lights are holding up rather well.  Had the opportunity to give a few lessons on stringing lights and keeping them working.  Lots of interesting folks to talk to, and added Florida and Maine to the list.

Tonight will probably be a bust with dropping temps and it being a Monday night.  Which is fortunate, since it is my last night that I have a meeting I have to attend before Christmas.

Santa arrives this coming Friday night for a 9 night stand (most he has ever allocated to Sunnyside Lights).  I expect lots and lots of folks and will have at least 2 traffic control assistants each night (plus me at the turn-around).  Havn’t heard from any TV stations this year, but one never knows when they will appear.  I do appreciate all of you who are using Facebook to pass the word about the lights.  I had one man who said he had heard about the lights but didn’t know where they were.  He went on facebook and had 4 replys within minutes on how to get there…not bad!

Each Christmas for the last 6 years I have received a $100 bill in the donation box and last night was the one for this year!  All donations go to the Shrine Children’s Hospitals and they really appreciate it.


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