Monday – 8 days till Christmas

The weekend recap:

First and foremost, the weather was great!  Santa is doing a great job in keeping the rain away…but he keeps mentioning that its awfully warm!

It was an excellent weekend for visitors.   Lots and lots of limos (especially Friday & Saturday, lots and lots of busses (including the Franklin Holly Trolleys) and lots and lots and lots of cars (especially Saturday night).  I had a great team of traffic control directors each night and everything went smoothly.  Santa was very busy every night, but especially on Saturday.  His visiting hours are 6:00 to 9:00, but he almost always arrives early and leaves a little late (Mrs. Santa, I keep telling him when 9:00 comes but he just keeps on having fun).

Lights keep working great with very few figures having problems (I do have a problem with a naked boy, but I’m working on it).  Added one more figure and about 300 lights…but I am really close to the limit on my house power so not much more.

Picked up a few more states…Oregon, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky and South Dakota…for a total of 26 to date.  If you are not on my list and have dropped by, please let me know as I certainly have missed many.  Also had visitors from Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland drop by…for a total of 10 countries.

Santa will be visiting every night thru Sunday, December 23rd, so come by and see him.  Hint…weekdays have the least traffic and lines.


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    Marty Ward Says:

    What a wonderful and lovely tribute to your son! ! ! I was there Saturday night, Dec 15th, thanks to our limo driver. He said he saved the best til last and he was right. That made the whole night. Thank you so much for sharing. Your son is PROUD !

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