Friday – 4 days till Christmas

A recap of the week (before the big weekend hits).

Monday and Tuesday night were slow with Santa seeing about 100 kids per night.  Traffic was constant, but parking was no problem and we saw only a few limos and busses…temp was nice tho.

Wednesday and Thursday night were rather busy…over 300 kids each night for Santa with lots of walkers.  Even the cooler temps (high 30’s) and wind last night didn’t keep them from seeing Santa.  Of course, the stays did seem much shorter.  Since we are located in end of a North facing valley, the   winds were not as bad as out in the open terrain.  We had a dramatic increase in both limos and busses on Wednesday & Thursday nights.

Santa has now given out over 1500 candy canes (thats alot of kids sitting on his lap…adults too).

Tonight kicks off the big weekend…no more easy parking.  Expect crowds and lots of good cheer!  Santa will be busy with an estimated 500 kids each night.  His last night is Sunday, of course!

Lights are on 5:00 to 10:30 and Santa is there 6-9.

Add Missouri and Deleware to list.


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