Sunday – 2 days till Christmas

As expected this weekend has been very busy.  Friday night started off slow, but quickly accelerated.  Well over a 1,000 cars visited and Santa was very busy.  Limo and bus traffic was good, but not as heavy as I expected.  I had lots of help and the traffic flowed smoothly with about a 10 minute wait to get up the street and I had 3 traffic assistants.

Saturday night was another story!  It was the biggest night so far and you would have thought I was on TV the night before to bring them out.   We counted in excess of 1600 cars.   It started off busy and stayed busy right up till about 9:45.  For 2 hours straight it was backed up nearly to Hillsboro Road (3/4 mile) and was taking about 20-25 minutes to make it up the road.  Santa was packed with kids up until about 9:00 and he stayed around till almost 9:40.  33 Limos and at least 15 busses (but several of them just drove thru).   The temp was in the upper 30’s, so it really felt like Christmas and everybody seemed to want to get out and walk…parking was a problem and some walked a fair distance to get to the lights.  But walking is a good thing since you will have the opportunity to really see the 175+ figures I have scattered over my neighbor’s yards.  It also keeps the cars slowed down.

My records for the last 5 Christmas’ indicated that tonight will also be very big…its best to come before 6:30 or after 9:30.  I had 2 helpers last night and will have 3 tonight.  ITS SANTA’S LAST NIGHT!

Christmas Eve will also be a very big night, but with not as many getting out since Santa Claus will be off doing his duty.

Add New Hampshire, Utah, Nevada and Kansas to my list of states.  Thats 33 so far (that I’ve talked too).


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