Merry Christmas!

And a Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday night was as big as I expected…which was very busy!   Lots and lots of cars, limos and busses.  The weather was perfect Christmas weather with temps in the 40’s and the driveway was packed with walkers.  Santa had his biggest night ever and gave out almost 400 candy canes…typicalof his last night for the year.   The traffic flowed nicely with 3 traffic assistants…average time up the street was about 20 minutes.  It was busy from the get-go at 5:00 until lights out at 10:30.

Christmas Eve was a blast!  Averaged almost 400 cars an hour (and at 3+ per car we had over 5,000 visitors).  I had 2 traffic assistants and they kept the average wait time to around 15 minutes.  As expected limo count was way down…around 15 with half of them driving thru.  Only two busses.   The weather was in the low 40’s again so I had a good amount of walkers, but with Santa riding the skies it was what I expected.  Folks were in a giving mood and I had my largest Shrine Hospital collection night ever (beat the previous record by 50%).  One of my grand-daughters was collecting the money from the passing cars and giving out the candy canes Santa left us…she got very good at telling the story of my lights.

The forecast is for rain tonight with a little snow tomorrow (less than an inch) and I’m looking forward to maybe sitting by the fire and reading a good book.  Its been 20 nights in a row that I’ve been greeting people and directing traffic (5 1/2 hours a night) and I need a break.  But I will probably end up in the street again.

We’ve decided to keep the lights on till 10:30 thru New Year’s Eve.  I expect next weekend to be busy, but not like last weekend.  The Holly Trolleys out of Franklin will be running Fri, Sat & Sun nights and they are sold out.  Many of the limo drivers I’ve been working with me tell me they have good bookings too.  On New Year’s Day I will start taking lights down, working my way up the street and that takes a couple of days.  So expect to have my lights on that night for last day.


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