Sunday – 3 nights to turn-off

Christmas Day was constant and the weather was good up till about 7:30 when the rain started.  My charming wife gave out candy canes (left over from Santa) and collected donations for the Shrine Hospitals and I managed the traffic.  At about 8:00 we returned to the warmth of the fire and watched a steady stream of traffic that moved with no problems.

Wednesday and Thursday nights were cold, but there were still alot of walkers.  A few limos and busses, but I let them handle themselves and we went out to see some lights ourselves.

Friday and Saturday nights were still cold, but there was a fair amount of traffic with numerous walkers.  The Franklin Trolleys were running both nights and Gray Line continued their 2 busses nightly.  Less than 10 limos, with most of them walking.  We had a little snow on the ground for Saturday night and the lights were magically (wish it could have been a little more).  I did spend a little time on the street (mostly between 7:00 and 8:30, when the trolleys came on their first run).  I did add a couple of more states to the list…Montanta and Rhode Island for a total of 34.  Also added another country…Israel, for a total of 11 countries.

Tonight should be another fair night with temps in the 30’s and I expect reasonable traffic for this late in the game.  The Trolleys make their last runs of the season and I expect several other busses and limos.  Should be a good number of walkers with the temps in the high 30’s.  New Year’s Eve will still find a few limos, but I expect most of the busses will be gone.  Its generally not a big night for visitors.

New Year’s Day will start my take-down.  I will start with the furthest houses and work my way up.  I should still have 4 houses lit up for the visitors…but that is the last chance to see the lights.

I’ve been working on next year’s display in my mind and come up with some pretty good ideas to try.

Overall, I would say the visitor count was down slightly from last year…but not by much.   This was the first year in many years that I was not on TV or in the paper, but it didn’t seem to affect the traffic much.It goes to show how well known the light show has become…its all over Facebook and there are numerous videos on YouTube.  Donations to the Shrine Hospitals were down a little but the total for the last 7 years is now up to almost $37,000.00…the kids really appreciate it!


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