Wednesday – 1 week into take-down

Just to give you an update on my forecast of 10 days to take down.  First 5 days went well with removal of everything from 6 of the yards, plus removal of about 25,000 lights from driveways and frontage.  Than things slowed down due to having to buy a new van for my flower shop (the old one got rear-ended by a young gal who was texting).  That cost my Saturday & Tuesday (Sat to check out the dealers and Tue to pick up and carpet the interior).  But during that time I did get all the arches and posts removed from both driveways and all of the figures put away (except for BJ, the helo, the plane & the carousel).  Whats remaining are the lights on the two houses and the two perimiter fences and the few figures mentioned (BJ comes down when everything is done).

Normally I would say 2-3 days and I’ll have it done…but…its raining and expected to keep raining for the next 7 days with very few breaks.  Wet roofs are not my cup of tea fore climbing on, but we will see.  I’ll get the fence lines and the remaining figures down and the fronts of the houses cleared, but alas, the eves may be around a while longer.


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