Saturday – 1/12/13 – Last Post for 2012 Display

Yesterday saw the last of the lights and figures come down.  Everything is put “neatly” away and my workshop is finally clear of all Christmas items!

Now, its time to kick back and sit by the fire as the rain comes down.   Not really, as I’m already thinking about what I will do differently next year and where I will add “more lights”.   I’ve already come up with several things I will do “differently” and I’m looking at some new figures.

My thanks to all my visitors for their encouragement and thoughtful comments…and for their donations to the Shrine Children’s Hospitals ($37,000 in 7 years)!  And special thanks goes to my brother Shriners who assisted me in traffic control during some really busy nights.  But the biggest thanks goes to Santa, who spent 9 evenings at my house and gave out over 2,000 candy canes!

I will start working on checking all the figures in September (which continues thru October) and expect me back on around the middle of October with an update.

Have a great year and may the spirit of Christmas be with you throughout the year!



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