2013 – Saturday – 40 Days till Light-off

Welcome to my Christmas 2013 blog! 40 days to go until the short 2013 Season starts. The bad news is that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a week shorter than last year…the good news is I have an extra week in November to put them up.
I started working on the figures on September 1st and am now down to less than 20 figures to go! So far I have retaped over 16,000 lights (out of the approximately 70,000 lights I have on the 350+ figures). I have only had to replace about 4,000 lights which pushes my average age of lights well over 7 years. So much for the mini lights not lasting very long. Actually replaced one string that was over 12 years old.
I’ve added a few new figures, but you will have to figure out which ones they are.
All 8 houses have signed up again so expect the show to be as big as ever.
I won’t start working on the yards until November…so its all “behind the scenes” work now. Until I start working on the yards, I’ll only be posting every few days…than it becomes almost daily.


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