Friday (Nov 15, 2013)- 13 Days till Light Off

The day has finally arrived…I start putting out the figures!
The house is decorated, the fence lines are finished, the gazebo is done, etc., etc.,etc. And I’ve mowed the lawn for the last time (and hopefully 98% of the leaves).
I’ve run the electrical (main lines) and am now ready to start putting out the figures. I have a friend coming by this afternoon to help with the buildings.
Tomorrow, I will put the lights on the neighbor’s house and should have his yard finished by Sunday evening (depending on the rain forecast for Sunday). Should have the two main yards complete by Tuesday.
Next will be the decorating of the other 5 houses’ yards and putting the finishing touches around (candy canes, etc).
I’ve continued to make changes in the lighting and placement of figures. For those discerning viewers, it will look significantly different.
The goal is to have everything done by Sunday the 24th.
I’ve talked to Santa and he has agreed to come the 4 nights before Christmas Eve (Fri thru Mon, December 20th thru the 23rd). With the schools not getting out for Christmas until Friday, we didn’t feel he should start earlier.


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