Monday – 23 Days till Christmas

Sorry, I missed reporting on the opening night, but everything got awfully busy. So here is the recap of the first 4 nights.
Actually had only 3 cars awaiting light-off on Thursday, but it turned into a rather busy night with a good amount of traffic right up till 10:00…even had a limo.
Friday night started off with 7 cars awaiting light-off and stayed busy until 9:00.
Saturday night started off dead, dead, dead. It wasn’t until 6:30 that it got busy and stayed that way right up till 10:00.
Sunday night must have been kids night! Had constant families out walking till about 9:00. Even picked up a couple of more limos and one bus.
I averaged around 250-300 cars per night with about 20% getting out and walking.
Overall temperature has been Christmas like and the rain has stayed away…so lots of walkers every night.

I’m doing pretty good on my state count…the following have been represented (and they are only the ones I talked too):   GA, FL, WA, IL, NC, SC, TX, OK, MS & AR.  My best ever was 47 states and 16 countries.  Looking forward to Gray Line tours, who alwasy lets me know who they have onboard.



Next weekend really kicks it off. All the busses, trolleys and limos are scheduled (have had several limo companies training their drivers and they have confirmed excellent bookings). Now if the weather will continue to cooperate (the forecast is rain Thursday & Friday with maybe some snow Friday night).
I had run a test on Wed night and found about 10 figures with problems, which I corrected the next morning. On Thursday night, I found another 6 with problems and about 900 lights not working, which I fixed the next morning. On Friday night, another 2 figures had problems, which I fixed the next morning. On Saturday night…everything worked, so I slept in the next morning.

Remember, Santa is coming on Saturday, December 14th and will be greeting from 6:30 (probably earlier) till 9:30 every night thru Monday, December 23rd.

The lights are timed to go on at 5:00 and off at 10:00. Starting on Friday, December 13th, they will go off at 10:30 thru Christmas. The last night will be New Year’s Eve.


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