Sunday – 16 Days till Christmas 2013

The weather has not treated us well…or at least the forecast hasn’t.  Friday night had a prediction of ice, so very few came…there wasn’t any ice or even rain from 5:00 to 10:00.  Saturday night the forecast was a bit better, with ice after closing and they were right (even if there wasn’t hardly any ice this morning).

We had a good turnout on Saturday with 4 Franklin Trolley visits, 4 other busses, about a dozen limos and well over 400 cars.  Everything went very smooth and a number of folks got out of their cars and enjoyed the driveway walk.  The temperature was just above freezing.  The forecast for tonight is cold with maybe some rain late, but I expect it to be fairly busy.

We are sure looking forward to Santa coming next Saturday.  He will be in his little house for a total of 10 nights (6:30 t0 9:30).  The next two weekends will be huge and I’ll have several Shriners helping me direct traffic.  If you want to see Santa without a line, come during the week.

A reminder that all the donations go to the Shrine Children’s Hospitals.  Since I put the donation box out seven years ago, $37,000 has been raised for the Shrine Hospitals.  Thankyou Middle Tennessee!!!

Time to go back to the workshop as I have about 8 figures that need work.


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