Monday – 15 Days till Christmas 2013

Special Report…Another engagement has happened under the lights at Sunnyside Lights!  For the second time (that I know of) another couple has gotten engaged while “walking the walk” at Sunnyside Lights…heres the best to them in the future.

Last night we also had our first couple from Australia…they had just flown in on Sunday.  I don’t remember ever having Australia represented and it was fun talking with them (especially since I am currently reading a book about Australia).  On Saturday I had a visitor from Columbia (SA)…so far those are the only 2 countries I know of that have been represented…both of which are the first ever.

Sunday night started off with a bang…97 cars and 1 limo in the first hour.  Than it went dead for the next hour and I was thinking of packing it in.  But starting at 7:00 it kept busy up till about 9:00.  We had 4 Franklin Trolley visits, 4 other busses, 9 limos and lots of cars.  Fortunately they were spread out, so no problem with traffic.

Next Friday will start the busy period…no more easy drive up the street.  My extra traffic folks will be on duty to keep the traffic flowing and show the visitors where to park.  Santa starts on Saturday for his 10 day run.

Found another 5 figures that need fixing today…basically about 1-2% of the figures have problems each night.  It usually does not take long to fix them.  It occurred to me that my waving Santa is still working on lights that are over 10 years old…who says they don’t last as long as the new LEDs.  Of course, the red lights have faded, so I probably we replace them next year.

Tonight is my last meeting night of the season, so you are on your own for parking.


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