Monday – 8 Days till Christmas 2013

We are into single digits now…only 8 days to go!!

This last weekend was interesting.  Friday was alot slower than expected and was only busy between 7:30 and 9:15.   Saturday (first day of Santa) started off with a bang (100 cars in first 20 minutes) and just kept going…best day so far.  Sunday was moderate with several exciting periods, but also several dead times.  Only had two times when traffic was slowed on Sunday.  But all three nights had lots of walkers and lots of kids.  The weather is suppose to be great during this coming week (but wet on the weekend), better  early than late on seeing Santa (beat the last weekend rush…which is huge).

My state count seems to have slowed a bit.  We need visitors from the far west and the mid west…where are you CA, NV, MN, CO, NE, KS, IO, UT, ND?   Only countries are South Africa, Australia & Columbia  (can’t get much further away than those).  Of course these stats are only for the folks I’ve talked to.

Santa is going strong and will be in his “house” thru next Monday.   He arrives at 6:30 and trys to leave around 9:30.  

The lights are now on till 10:30 every night thru Christmas.


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