Thursday – 5 Days till Christmas 2013

Three nice and clear nights since my last post.  Traffic has been steady, but not heavy.  Walkers have been numerous and judging by the amount of singing and laughing…having a great time.  Tonight should really kick of the busy time.  Weather is great, school is mostly out and Santa is waiting.

Since Santa started last Saturday night, he has given out about 790 candy canes…that a lot of folks sitting on his lap (and they were not all kids!).  Expect him at 6:30 and he leaves around 9:30.

We’ve been averaging about 10-12 limos a night and 6 busses.  This coming Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon, triple that figure.  We are about to get very busy!  Starting tonight I will have 3 folks helping me with traffic each night, which should help keep it moving.

Have a couple of figures to fix today and some icicle lights that need repair, but thats about it.  Have had no problems with the power load on any circuit.

The weather folks keep talking about a wet weekend, but we’ve heard that before.  What I am getting from the aviation weather forecast (I’m a retired Naval Aviator) is not looking too bad.  Maybe some light showers on Friday night with the bulk on Sat morning and afternoon…the evening may be fine.  Sunday looks pretty good too, but a little cooler.  Lets hope the forecast pan out as this is the biggest weekend of the year!

My state count has not progressed much…travel must be down.  I did have another couple from South Africa last night…2 groups in the same year!  But we still stuck at four countries…Phillipines, SA, Aust., & Columbia.


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