Sunday – 2 Days Till Christmas

We had a very busy Friday and an exciting Saturday.

Friday was as big as I anticipated and we were busy from 5:00 till Santa left at 9:40.  The limos and busses never seemed to stop coming…but fortunately not at the same time.  The temperature was in the 60’s and it was a very nice night to enjoy a walk in the lights.  I’ve added Japan, Great Britain and Belgium to my country list and several more states.  I had the normal 3-4 figures to fix.

I was not looking forward to Saturday.  For the previous 3 days the weather forecast had been dire…wet and stormy with high winds.  But Friday they started talking about the rain shield slowing down and maybe getting in later than anticipated…my hopes went up.  So Friday at 5:00 the rain was still west of Jackson and moving slowly.  I anticipated and the local weather guys confirmed about a 9:00 arrival.  The temp was close to 70 and humid…I think Santa was slowly dying of the heat.

When Santa arrived at 6:30, the line to greet him was about 40 persons long and I don’t think he had a break until about 8:00 (and that was only for a few minutes).  The limos were out in force with the first arriving at 4:50.  A good number of busses too.  I had 3 folks helping me with traffic and we needed it.  During all this time I was closely monitoring radar on my phone.  About 8:45 a tornado warning came in and the cable went out, so I was watching it closer than ever.  Traffic slowed rapidly and by the 9:10 we were down to two cars and a bus and the weather was about to come crashing down.  I called in my traffic folks and sent them home, pulled in the traffic cones and had Santa leave early.

At 9:20 it was pouring with lots of lightning and the street stayed empty until about 10:00 when a couple of limos, a few cars and the trolleys on their 2nd run made an appearance…still raining, so no one got out.

The nice thing about my location is we have a high ridge on the south side of us.  So the 40-50 mph winds pass over us and all we get is a light breeze.  But if the winds come out of the north the big chill is on.

No damage suffered and I’m expecting a very big night tonight!!!


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