Tuesday – Christmas Eve 2013

Last night was bigger than I anticipated with a line of traffic that lasted from 6:00 to 10:00.  The wait to get up the street from 7:00 to 10:00 was up to 30 minutes…something I usually only see after a TV interview or on Christmas Eve.  But even with that wait, everyone responded to my “Merry Christmas” in a happy mood and traffic moved mostly on the smooth side.  I actually had 4 men helping with the traffic.

Santa had a lot of visitors and almost matched the 400 candy canes he had given out on Sunday night.  The weather was to his liking since it was in the 30’s (much better than the preceeding 3 days in the 60’s).  Of course, it was his last night and I won’t see him again till next year!  It will be intersting to see how many people ask where he is tonight…it always happens.

Christmas Eve visits seems to be a tradition with many folks and it usually ends up being our biggest night traffic wise.  Fortunately, there are very few limos and almost no busses to slow things down.  Since Santa is not there and the temp will probably be around 20-25 degrees we probably will not have as many walkers, hence less slowing of the traffic.  Tonight also happens to be my hardest night to find men able to help with the traffic.  I have a very close Jewish friend and he always can be counted on and may have two others show up.  Crossing my fingers for the extra help!

Christmas Day will be steady, but not usually a big problem for traffic…I usually handle it by myself.

This blog seems to be working pretty good as I have averaged 200 to 300 hits each night for the last 2 weeks.  Facebook and Youtube also has alot of coverage of Sunnyside Lights.


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