Thursday – 5 Days till take-down

The Season is almost over, but here is what is happening.

Christmas Eve was very busy (but not as busy as last year).  We had continuous traffic from 5:00 to 9:45, but with only 2 limos and no busses and about 95% of them driving thru, the wait never got longer than about 10 minutes (a far cry from the 30 minute wait of last year).   Donations for the Shrine Children’s Hospitals were down too, but still double any other day of the season.

Christmas Day was also very busy and we had a lot of walkers.  Everyone was in a great mood and the wait was never more than 5 minutes.  We had only one limo, which really helps traffic move.

A few interesting conversations that I have had really describe why I enjoy the light program so much.  The first is with a mom who had lost her child a few months ago (this happens alot and gives real meaning to my son’s memorial).  Thru tears and hugs we talked about our lost children and the problem with keeping their memories alive.  While we were talking another man joined in with how his son had died in the beginning of the year.   It mean so much to those of us who have lost a child to talk about them, especially with others who have suffered the same loss.  Last night I had a young lady come up to me who knew my son BJ in junior high.  She related how she had transferred into the school mid semester and BJ was one of the very few that made her feel welcome.  She has never forgotten how much she appreciated him.  Its nice to get re-enforcement of one’s opinion of how great their child was.

I run into youngsters who have benefited from the Shrine Children’s Hospital all the time.  Since I put out the donation box for the hospitals 8 years ago, the folks of Middle Tennessee have now given $42,000 in donations.  Two nights ago I had a visit from one of the patients.  I remembered him from the last 2 years.  Two years ago he had come in a wheelchair, last year it was in a walker, and this year he was on crutches.  The family related on how nice the folks at our Lexington Hospital are and how our local Shrine Center (Al Menah Shriners), provide all the hospital transportation and local care (at not cost to them).  Let me tell you its great to be a Shriner…I wish I had started to the donation box for them 25 years ago!

To keep the memory of my son BJ alive, to bring happiness to so many children in Middle Tennesse, to support the Shrine Children’s Hospitals, to bring the joy of Christmas to so many…that why I keep the lights on!

The lights will be on thru New Years from 5:00 to 10:30.  After 25 nights of being out on the street, its time for me to go see some lights (and get new ideas)…so enjoy your visit and be courteous in your parking (and be generous to the the Shrine Hospitals).


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