New Year’s Eve – 2013

Friday was a very busy day, Saturday was rained out, Sunday and Monday were also busy.  Tonight is always an unknown…been busy and been slow.  The last night will be New Year’s Day!

Donations to the Shrine Hospitals total just under $6,000 for the year (I’ll make up the difference) which brings total contributions for the 8 years I’ve had the box out to $43,000.00!

Starting to see some light problems, but its past time to fix them for this year.  Take down will start today with the furthest houses (work my way up the street).  Looking at the weather for the week it appears that today, NY and Saturday have the best weather…but that won’t stop me from working on the yards.  I give myself 2 weeks to take everything down, with the roofs depending on the weather.

Instead of listing the states represented, its easier to list the ones missing.  Its important to note that the list only reflects the ones I actually talked to (may have been several more on the busses or who are visiting friends/family in Nashville).  Missing states are OR, NM, ND, SD, DE, HI, UT,  and ID.  Countries represented are South Africa (twice), Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Columbia, Phillipines, China, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Panama, India, France and the Swiss (missing 2 more that I can’t remember).

Santa gave out close to 3,000 candy canes in his 10 day visit.  His last words were “I’ll be back!”

Had a total of 15 men and 1 woman (my daughter)  helping me with traffic on the busiest nights…I sure appreciate them!  Especially the 4 nights leading up to Chistmas.

Talked with about a dozen folks who had lost a child…one just 4 months ago.  Lots of tears and hugs there.

Had 2 engagements under the lights.

Had at least 9 children visit who had been helped by the Shrine Hospitals.

Due to the weather and the shorter Christmas season, I think my overall visitor count was down slightly over last year.  We also didn’t have any exposure on TV.  It amazes me how many folks came bye…its all word of mouth and social media.

My next post will be when all the lights are down.


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