The 2014 Season has arrived!

For those of you new to my posts and Sunnyside Lights, the lights are on from Thanksgiving Day thru New Year’s Eve.  The display covers 8 1/2 yards and takes 3 weeks to put up, but its the prep work that takes the time.  I’m estimating about 138,000 lights this year, but it depends on how much power is available where I need it and how the designs change.

This weekend I’ll start working on the infratructure (fence lines, etc).   For the last 6 weeks I have been going over the almost 400 figures fixing their lights and retaping them.  So far I’ve only had to replace 2300 lights, but I’ve retapped in excess of 15,000 light bulbs.  Since I estimate the lights on the figures last an average of about 10-12 years and the taping about 3-4 years, I’m just about hitting the average.

I am going into this season with one handicap I didn’t have last year.  I had to get a knee replaced back in August and it has certainly slowed me down on walking up and down the hill.  But I have lots of volunteers to help out and my brother will be coming for 2 weeks to lend his efforts, so I don’t anticipate it being a problem to have lights on by Thanksgiving Day.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Thanksgiving is late this year!

I’ve already talked with Santa and he will be making an extended visit this year.  He plans to show up on Friday, December 12th and stick around thru the 23rd.  Guess he really likes his digs here!

Next post in about a week.


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