Thursday – 14 Days Till Light-off

To give you an update with only 14 days to go. Approximately 28,000 lights have been put in place. All the perimiter fence has been completed, as has the main driveway. The main house is finished and I’m starting to run the electrical.
One problem has come up and that affects my neighbor’s yard. He just had his roof replaced and his windows should be replaced in the next few days. This has precluded me from doing his driveway or house…that will be a last minute rush to complete.
I expect to start putting out some of the figures today, mainly the buildings. By the end of this week my yard should be covered with figures…but probably not all of them. The goal is to start on all the other houses the beginning of next week.
My brother arrived yesterday for a two week stay and has already been a big help in the decorating.


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