Thursday – 7 Days till Light-off

Going into the final week, I’m looking good!  All the figures are now out (well still have 7 to go on the last house) and I’m at about 128,000 lights.  Without the neighbors house being lit, I probably will not hit my goal of 135,000, but I will get close.  Yesterdays weather was pretty good since it hit 55 degrees in the afternoon…for a change I was taking off clothes, instead of adding them.

Today and tomorrow we will be hooking up the electric.  We will use about a 100 heavy duty cords (and 35 extra-heavy duty cords for the main lines) and close to a 1,000 light duty extension cords.  22 timers will be used…but don’t expect them all to come on at the same time.  I use electronic timers on my house and my next door neighbor does the same, so they all come on in about a 10 second period each.  The other houses use mechanical timers and after several resettings, I hope to have them come on over a 5 minute period (never done better than that).  Same goes for turning off.

Once the power is hooked up I’ll go back over the yards adding the little nicknacks…balls, reins, small figures for posts, etc.

Next week is busy at my flower shop (Bellevue Florist), so I will not be able to do much in the yard…which makes Sunday my deadline.

I’m sure glad my brother came to help…I’m not getting any younger and the new knee is slowing me down too.

Lights are on Thanksgiving Day thru New Year’s Eve from 5:00 to 10:00 daily.  They will be on till 10:30 Christmas week.


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    Eily Says:

    So very excited! This has been a family tradition, and it brings tears to eyes every Time! We come by at least 2-3x a week!

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