Wednesday – 1 day to go!

I’m ready…all lights and figures have been checked and fixed (at least for the moment) and the electrical load has been balanced (very, very important).  I’m at about the limit on electricity from my house, so I do not plan to add anything else (at least nothing involving more than a 100 lights or so).

I plan to install the timers this afternoon and do a quick check on the neighbors houses to try to adjust their mechanical timers so they will “more or less” come on at the same time.  My goal is within a 5 minute period.

I’ll also check my electronic timers to make sure they all work correctly.

Last year at light-off I had about 15 cars waiting to see it…we will see what happens this year.

Had a call from the producer of the Tennessee Crossroads TV show and they want to do a piece on my lights.  Unfortunately, it will not run until next Christmas.  When I know the exact date they will be visiting (somewhere around Dec 11th), I’ll put the word out so we will have a big crowd.

Talked with Santa again and he changed his dates slightly…he will be starting on Saturday, December 13th and every night thru Tuesday, December 23rd.


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    Rachel Says:

    Just went by and saw the sights…amazing as usual. I have family in town from Indiana and they really enjoyed the display. Thanks so much! What a wonderful tribute!

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