Saturday – 26 days till Christmas

Opening night was a huge success.  Although I didn’t have 15 cars awaiting, the flow was constant throughout the evening.  Lots of folks got out and walked the driveway and we had a great time.

Friday night was very good for the first weekend of the show (and still in November).  Spent most of the evening greeting our visitors and renewed several old acquaintances.  We had one limo on Thanksgiving and another on Friday night.  Talked to a Grayline driver and he said they start next weekend.  The limo driver also said they were booked pretty solid for the holiday December weekends.

Had to repair numerous light strings on Friday and Friday night found six fixgures I will have to work on today.  I’ve noticed that the LED lights I bought last year are having problems this year…so much for their long life.   I will also get the music up and running for tonight.

The weather tonight is absolutely perfect for walking with the temp in the 50’s, so I expect a big turnout of walkers.  It will be a fun night!


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