Monday – 24 Days till Christmas

A report on the first weekend.  Both Friday and Saturday were busy, but certainly not over-whelming.  Traffic was constant and there were a lot of walkers.  We had one limo on Friday night and three on Saturday night…the busses (2 of them) came on Sunday.  So far I have collected 13 states and 2 countries (but I left the names at home so will recap next post)…and thats only the ones who I talked with.   Sunday had a few period of excitement, but mostly just steady up till 8:30.

Friday night was borderline cold, Saturday was 15 degrees warmer and Sunday was short sleeve weather…talk about a nice weekend for “taking the walk”.  Times change a bit with rain today and this evening…which isn’t all bad since its my only meeting night I plan to attend for the whole month.  So far the 7 day forecast doesn’t really show any cold weather (below freezing).

Every day I fix a few figures and some light strings.  Had 4 to fix Saturday, another 4 Sunday and found 3 more with probs last night.  These fixes are usually just one or two small sections in the figure (like the the feet, or the head, etc) and usually don’t take long.

I did get the Christmas music up and running on Satruday.

For a period of 1 or 2 hours each night I have had my Samoyd dog (all white, long hair, sled dog) with me to greet the visitors.  Her name is Snow  and she really loves everyone, especially the kids.  Her problem is she is only 20 months old, so she is just a bit over-active.  Needless to say, she will not be there on busy nights.

So far donations for the Shrine Children’s Hospitals are running slightly ahead of last year…looking good!


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