Monday – 17 Days Till Christmas

Recap of last Monday thru Thursday…steady stream of traffic, but no waiting in line.  Averaged  fixing about 3 figures a day (its usually just one strand of lights on a figure that goes out, not the whole thing).  Nothing special to report.

Friday…rain, rain, rain!  It poured down 2 inches between 5:00 and midnight and we were soaked.  Fortunately, it was warm (in the 60’s) so my traffic helpers had a great time hanging out in Santa’s place.   It was warm and dry in my golf cart.  There was about a 30 minute period of no rain, so we had a few walkers.  4 limos, 3 busses and the Trolleys came twice.  Estimated cars at around 100 and I expected  600-800.  Same thing happened last year on the first December Friday when we had severe weather.

Saturday and Sunday, beautiful and busy both nights.  We had lots and lots of visitors, but the line of traffic never exceeded about 20 cars coming up.  Lots of parking available, so many walkers.  The Franklin Trolleys are sold out so their 2 round trips each night were full.  Gray Line kicked in with a couple of busses and we had several other busses come too (including the double deckers and a couple of full size busses).  Limos are down somewhat with only about 6 each night.  Saturday night it was busy right up to 10:00 (a couple of limos even showed up after it went dark at 10:00), but Sunday night the traffic dropped off about 9:00 and was slow right up till 10:00.  I packed it in at 9:30 after 20 minutes with only 2 cars…figured the trolleys on their second run could park themselves.  They showed up shortly thereafter and ended up being there for about 40 minutes…and not because of the walkers!  It appeared that the large Trolley was having transmission problems going into reverse…began to look like he would be parked there for the rest of the evening. Finally about 10:20 he got it to go in reverse and away they went.

Picked up California, Florida and Virginia, plus Nova Scotia over the weekend.

Looking forward to a week of no rain with temps generally in the low 40’s.  During the week it should not be very busy and I doubt if I will be walking the streets more than a couple of hours each night.  Next Friday is really big and Santa starts on Saturday for the following 11 nights.  Just got a copy of the December issue of the Williamson County Southern Living magazine and they had a 4 page spread on my lights…I was very impressed.  Tennessee Crossroads is suppose to come on Thursday, but the segment would not be shown till next year.

Looking foward to see you.


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