Sunday – 11 Days Till Christmas

As expected, this past week (Monday-Thursday) was on the slow side with about 200 cars per night and 1 or 2 limos and busses.  Thursday was the busiest and got off to a pretty early start.  The weather was generally cold (high 30’s) and I found myself leaving my post around 8:00 to get warm.  Averaged fixing about 3 figures daily.

Friday was the kick-off of my busy season…but it started off slow for the first hour (maybe 50 cars).  But than it picked up dramatically and kept myself and my 2 traffic helpers busy right up till 10:00.  Nothing like next weekend will be, of course.  Drive up the street time was no more than 5-10 minutes.  Trolleys, Gray Line, other buses and limos all made their appearance, but were well spaced out so no  problems with parking.

Saturday was a blast!  15 cars awaiting light-off and it just never stopped.  But, once again, it was steady with no traffic jam greater than about 15 cars coming up the street.  The weather was much nicer and we had alot of walkers (and the best donation night so far).  But sadly to say Santa was not in his house.  He had called me about 3:30 to let me know he was just getting over something with flu like symptoms and didn’t want to be around kids that night.  He was getting better and in hopes of making an appearnace Sunday…but I would count on Monday myself.  I had my daughter send out an emergencey facebook blast to get the word out he was not there and several visitors commented on receiving it.

So here it is Sunday and the weather looks good for tonight.  I expect a good crowd, but have no helpers signed up so I should be pretty busy with traffic control.  Will Santa be here?????

Last Thursday, Tennessee Crossroads (Public Television show) was suppose to be visiting for about 4 hours.  A funeral came up and they had to change the date to this coming Monday.  They will be doing background and interviewing late afternoon and shooting the lights until about 6:00.  Cameo appearance anyone?

Southern Exposure magazine of Williamson County has a very nice 4 page article on my lights in their December issue (along with several other “must see” things in Williamson County).

State wise I am now up to about 21 states, 3 Canadian providences and 5 countries.  Still a long ways to go to beat previous records.

Lights go off at 10:00 PM thru this Thursday.  Starting Friday and going thru Christmas Day the will be on till 10:30 PM.

Santa will be here each night from 6:30 – 9:30 PM…recommend visits during this upcoming week to beat the crowds.


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