Friday – 6 Days Till Christmas

As we go into our big weekend, here is a quick update.

Traffic has been streadily increasing each day this week, especially during the 6:15 to 9:00 time period.  We have averaged about 4 limos a night and 5 busses.  Walkers have really been out and Santa has been enjoying himself.  So far he has given out about 600 candy canes.  The temperature has been cold, but no rain.

Tonight starts our 6 day run-up to Christmas Day…the busiest time of the year!  No more quick drives up the street (unless you are really lucky).  I expect the average wait to come up the street to be about 30 minutes.  Parking will be at a premium, so if you see a spot on the drive-up and want to get out and really enjoy the lights, take it!  Lots of limos and busses are expected.

To help with the traffic, lights will now be on from 5:00 to 10:30 thru Christmas Eve.  I will also have at least a couple of men helping me every night.  Santa has been showing up about 6:00 and staying till 9:30…his last day is Tuesday (well of course).

I finally brought in my list of states and countries represented so far.  If you know of any other, please send me a comment.

States – MS, AZ, NC, GA, OH, IN, ID, ND, AL, SC, FL, IL, KY, VA, CA, NJ, VT, LA, OR, WI, LA.

Countries – Italy, Mexico, Nova Scotia, Saskatchenan, Dominican Republic, Alberta, Guatamalia, South Africa, Great Britain, Switizerland & Germany  (I know some of them are territories in Canada, but its fun listing them all).

Hope to see you in the next 6 days!

Almost forgot to mention that the Tennessee Crossroads folks came on Monday and filmed and interviewed for about 3 hours.  They were very professional and I look forward to seeing the program next year on Public Television.  Since it will show for next Christmas, you can count on my lights being up for the 33rd year!

A comment was made to me this weekend about saving parking spaces at the top fo the road for limos and busses…it wasn’t fair.  If I stopped doing that we would gain about 3 parking spots for cars, but loose the ability to easily turn around those stretch limos, busses and trolleys.  Turning around those large vehicles in an efficient manner is critical to keeping the traffic flowing at a reasonable pace.  Based on my 32 years of experience in traffic flow on Sunnyside Drive at Christmas, having those parking spaces available is a must.


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