Wednesday – Its Christmas Eve!

Looking back at back this past weekend…Fri, Sat & Sun were as busy as expected, but they ended up in no delays of longer than 15 minutes in coming up the street. All 3 started off with a bang at 5:00 with at least 15 cars awaiting (Saturday had over 50 people actually standing at the entrance). Interesting enough all three also went quiet shortly after 9:00.
Cars, limos and busses were really out over the weekend. On Saturday night I hit a high of 34 limos. I had excellent help on Friday and Saturday night with traffic control, but Sunday found me by myself (helpers had called in sick) and I about wore myself out!
I expected Monday and Tuesday night to be as big as the weekend and Monday sure was (even without the Franklin Trolleys) with well over 900 cars passing thru. Tuesday night we got rained on for the first 3 1/2 hours and I got soaked. But even with the rain we had lots of walkers and traffic (but probably only about 50% of what I anticipated). It was Santa’s last night of course and he gave out his final candy canes. The total for his 11 day stay was just over 2,000 candy canes.
So here it is Christmas Eve. For the last 3 years it has been the biggest night for traffic (but not necessarily walking) and also the biggest donation night. It looks good for the evening with the drizzle ending and temps in the low 40’s. Usually I have almost no limo or bus visitations which certainly helps the traffic move. We hit 30 minutes 2 years ago and slightly less last year, so we will see how tonight goes.
Tomorrow I will be changing the turn-off time back to 10:00 thru New Year’s Eve.
Christmas Day is usually the last day I spend at the bottom of the street…my turn to get out and see some lights and get ideas. But since the weekend is immediately upon us, I may have to help out on Friday & Saturday night.



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