Sunday – 4 Days till Take-Down

Recap of the week.
Christmas Eve was as busy as I expected, but it turned out to be real smooth sailing. It was busy from 5:00 till 10:10 with about 15 cars waiting for the lights to come on. Longest wait appeared to be about 15 minutes to get up the street. We had alot of walkers, since the weather was mild for late December, but most drove thru for their “Christmas Eve Tradition”. We did have 3 limos and 1 bus, which doubled last year.
Christmas Day was also very busy, but about 2/3 of Chrismas Eve, with the longest wait at about 10 minutes. Beautiful evening and the driveway was flooded with visitors. Actually had 2 limos show up.
Not having limos and busses on the 24th & 25th sure made life easier (and traffic flowed much more smoothly)!
I was unsure how the 26th and 27th would go with them being a Friday & Saturday night. Expectation was not high, but the trolleys were running and several limo and buss drivers told me they would be coming so I was on station Friday night. It was busy! With only a couple of “quiet times of about 10 minutes each. Stayed out till 10:00 when the lights went out.
Saturday was raining and I told myself it would be slow and stayed in the house by the fire…wrong again. Really picked up after about 6:00 and I finally wandered on down (with my Samoyed dog in tow) around 7:30…just in time to greet the Trolleys on their first run. Died after they left to a steady stream and I went back up around 9:00. Came down again around 9:30 to collect the donations and meet the trolleys on their second run.
Tonight will be my last night to be “on station” as I have a meeting to attend on Monday night and have a priority engagement on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.
Its been a great year for donations with over $7,000.00 going to the Shrine Children’s Hospitals. I started the donation box 8 years ago and our 8 year total now stands at a little over $50,000.00…WOW!!!


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