2015 Christmas Season has Arrived

Its time to decorate!  Countdown to opening night (Thanksgiving Day) has started and its 27 days to go.

Of course, I really haven’t just stated today.  During September and October I have gone over every one of the almost 400 figures, checking for bad lights and tape that needed to be replaced.  I replaced just over 2,000 lights and went thru 17 rolls of strapping tape (each light is individually taped on and there is about 70,000 lights on the figures).  This is actually down from previous years, so I’m not complaining.

Yesterday (the weather was so nice) I got the entire perimeter fence around the two houses put up…a little over 550 feet of fence.  Now I have to put the lights on it…about 2200 feet of lights.  Next comes the Merry Christmas arch, Santa’s house and the arches and fencing up the driveways.  The plan is to have all that finished by November 8th.  The following week will see all the figures put in place, the main house lights put up and the electrical run.  The next week will see the other 6 houses decorated.

I have come up with several changes in the layout and discerning visitors will certainly notice the difference.      I have also added an additional 5 figures, but you will be hard pressed to figure out which ones.

The light display will be on from Thanksgiving Day to New Years Day and lit nightly from 5:00 to 10:00 (till 10:30 Christmas Week).  Anticipate Santa being there from Friday, December 18th, thru Wednesday, December 23rd…but he has not confirmed yet.

Looking forward to seeing you!



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