Monday – 17 Days Till 2015 Lightoff

Moving right along.

So far, perimeter lights done…main driveway, with arches, done…Santa’s house in place (some painting needed)…gazebo done…main electric lines run…and about 95 figures in-place.

Talked my newest son-in-law into helping with the arches. Yesterday I had my nephew show up, with daughter and granddaughter in tow, to set up the buildings…ended up putting out all the figures on my neighbors house and about 75% of mine.

My brother arrived last night from Florida and will be my number one assistant through the remainder of the set up period. Such a deal!

This weeks goal is the neighbors driveway, the face of my house and the rest of the figures for my house…and hooking up the wiring. We will loose today due to the all day rain, but the rest of the week looks great.

Next week will be dedicated to the the other 6 houses.

I estimate that I am about 3 days ahead of last year and have only thrown away about 5500 lights so far (under 5% loss rate).


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