Monday – 3 Days to Light-off

They are all out!! Checked all of them once, now I’ll check them twice. First check around, I had to pull 12 figures back into the workshop for rework. I expect there will probably be a few more cantankerous figures and a few strings of lights that need repairing. Today I will set all the manual timers (7 of them) and try to get them to come on together at 5:00 (usually the best I can do is a 5 minute period). I’ll also get the final figures on power draw at each house.
Tomorrow, I’ll check the figures again on the two main houses and put the electronic timers in place.
Yesterday, I blew the leaves off the two main houses’ lawns and mulched them…thats the 5th time I’ve done that and hopefully the last! To do both lawns it takes 3 tanks of gas on my backpack blower.
Final count on the lights will depend on calculating the power draw and trying to adjust for the 3,000 LED lights. Should come out right around 130,000.
Still have my golf cart to decorate!
Sure looking forward to Thanksgiving and the light-off at 5:00.

My brother and his wife will depart on Friday for Florida. I sure appreciate the help he has provided over the last two weeks…we really made a team effort of it.



  1. 1
    Joe Says:

    Would like to be able to park a food truck at this event and donate money.
    Will set up picnic tables as well.
    Would be nice to get a country singer as well to perform on the weekends!
    Let’s make it a big Xmas!!!

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