Wednesday – 23 Days Till Christmas

Opening night (Thanksgiving) had a very nice turnout of visitors. Although there were only 9 cars awaiting (usually around a dozen), the flow was constant right up till 9:30. Only had 3 figures that needed fixing the next day.

Friday was a very busy night and I was greeting from 5:00 to 10:00. The nice thing about the first weekend is no limos, buss’s, etc…which meant I could spend all my time talking with our visitors. Another 3 figures needed some work the next day.
By the end of the first two days, I already had 14 states represented.

Saturday was plagued with off and on rain and the number of walkers was down, but not the traffic flow. We did have our first limo show up around 9:30.

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday were washouts! Very few braved the rain and walked. Consequently, donations to the Shrine Children’s Hospitals were almost non-existent (fortunately Thursday and Friday night were way up over last year). Tuesday night also found our first buses, with two church buses showing up. Had about two figures each day that needed work.  Total rainfall for the 3 days was 4.2 inches!  Hopefully, the ground were a lot of the cars park will have hardened up a little bit by Friday night.

This weekend should be very busy and I will have a friend helping with the traffic flow both Friday & Saturday night. It should kick off the limo and bus parade.

On the next post I will list the states and countries represented…Russia & South Africa have already checked in (two of my hardest to get).


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    Haley Says:

    Can’t wait to see the display! Plan on visiting next weekend.

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