Wednesday, December 9 – 16 Days Till Christmas

Last weekend was loads of fun. Friday eve started off a little slow…as in no cars at 5:00! But about 5:40 they started coming and just didn’t stop until about 9:30. It was on the cold side, but we had plenty of walkers. Trolleys came twice and we had 5 other buses plus about 6 limos. Made for a fun evening.
Saturday went gang busters from the start with 6 cars awaiting light off. Trolleys, buses and limos were plentiful and boy did the cars come. Never hit more than 8 coming up the street at one time and no traffic problems parking the buses, limos and trolleys…so everything flowed very smoothly. Went right up to 10:00.

Sunday was also very good, but it died down about 9:00 (school next day of course). Good mix of vehicles and everything went very smoothly.

Monday and Tuesday were relatively warm and had a good flow of cars, with lots of walkers. Of course, it was significantly slower than the weekend. Couple of Gray Line buses and a few limos each night.

Countries accounted for: Ireland, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Haiti (at least I had some Haitian money in the box!), Canada & Japan. Russia & South Africa were big surprises.

States account for: NC, SC, VA, GA, AL, LA, TX, NM, OK, FL, CA, AR, IL, OH, IN, NV, MA, NV, ID & WV. My record for states in one year is 48 (I was missing ID & ND). Captured most of the states over Thanksgiving weekend and expect the next big surge during Christmas vacation.

Looking for several warm nights, with a chance of rain on Sunday. It should be a good week. Hours are 5:00 to 10:00 until Friday, December 18th when they go till 10:30 and Santa arrives!
Donations are running ahead of last year!



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    Sharon Says:

    Hello, I’m looking at a list for holiday lights, your link for a map is missing, and the website seems to be down. NASHVILLEFUNFORFAMILIES.COM

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