Monday – Dec 14th – 11 Days till Christmas

Only one more weekend to go before Christmas and 5 days till Santa arrives for his 6 night visit. Of course, the final weekend is huge, as are the days leading up to Christmas Eve. Santa will be there from 5:30 to 9:30 starting on Friday and going through Wednesday night (wonder how many will ask me where he is on Christmas Eve this year?).
This last weekend’s moderate temps (in the 60’s) sure brought out the crowd…and it didn’t hurt that Tennessee Crossroads had me on again Sunday morning! Friday started off slow for the first 45 minutes, but finished up strong right up to 10:00. Both Saturday and Sunday were busy from the get go, with Saturday staying that way till 10:00 and Sunday slowing after 8:30. Lots of cars, lots of buses/trolleys and lots of limos. It was very steady with maximum waits up the street usually under 10 minutes. Surprising number of first time visitors.
Added several states to my list, including Idaho and Montana…two of my hardest to get (still waiting for the Dakotas, Alaska & Hawaii on the difficult list). Also added to my country list Ireland, Wales, Scotland & Italy.
Starting Friday night my turn-off time will change to 10:30, through Christmas Eve. You can also expect a slow-go up the street during that period…20+ minutes.
I had one of the local TV stations call me and ask to do an interview this week for TV. I had to turn them down as it is way too close to my super busy week now.
Snow (my samoyed dog) will be out with me the next 4 nights, but not during Santa’s visit…its just too busy to keep my eye on her.
Look forward to see you!!


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