Santa’s Last Night – 2 Days Till Christmas

Santa’s 2015 run comes to an end tonight and boy has he been busy! Since he came to our house on Friday he has given out close to 2100 candy canes and that is a lot of kids! Friday, Saturday and Sunday were very busy with lines awaiting him. Monday was a bummer with constant light rain which cut the visitor count in half. Last night was amazing! Traffic matched Saturday nights rush, but the walkers really came out. Santa gave out more than 500 candy canes and my extra traffic help were busy for 4 1/2 hours straight. It turned out to be my biggest donation night ever (to the Shrine Children’s Hospital,of course).
Santa has never been better and is having a really great time (just ask anyone who has sat on his lap)! Hasn’t passed his record of 9 folks in his little house at one time, but there has been lots of 8’s.
Tonight has a forecast of moderate rain and maybe some thunderstorms…it should be interesting. Santa is warm (maybe too warn in these unusual temperatures) and dry, but its a different story for us traffic mavens.
Last night we had reps from Guatemala, China and that hard to get Hawaii. We are up to about 29 states and 15 countries, but I will update this weekend.
I have had several conversations with other folks like me who have lost their sons…talking about them is good for all of us. We did have a visitor last night from out of state who was visiting his children for the last time since he has terminal cancer. He has decided to not visit the doctors anymore and get as much out of life (especially his kids) as he can.
There are lots of heart warming stories which come out of my celebration of my son’s life and make all the effort worth it.

Santa suggested that next year I add to my web site a link to the Shrine donation page…wish I had thought of that!
Have a very Merry Christmas!


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