The Wrap for Christmas 2015

Everything is down! 6 days is a new record!

We also set a new record for donations to the Shrine Hospitals for Children…$ 8,585.00!!! Wow. A big thanks to all the generous folks in Middle Tennessee.

Take down started with a bang. On New Years Day my nephew showed up with his daughter, her husband and teenage daughter to help take down the display. In 5 hours all of the figures from all nine houses were put away! This normally takes me about 5 days, as I do it in sections. Great weather (except for one cold day) and no rain allowed me to complete the take down in 6 days.

Planning for 2016 has already begun and I have already designed my first new figure. I have about 20,000 brand new lights for replacements.

Have a safe and happy 2016 and I’ll be back blogging in October.

God Bless,



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